surgical dermatology

There is no need to be afraid of surgery. We discuss the procedure with you in detail, and all surgery is carried out in an entirely uncomplicated way using a local anaesthetic. For children, very sensitive patients and for sensitive areas to be operated on we like to apply an anaesthetic cream to the area or use our Cryo Air for cold air therapy. An appointment at short notice can be made on 06171-9195900!

Many skin conditions, in particular skin cancer, require a biopsy to clarify the diagnosis and to start a targeted treatment. A biopsy is the removal of a small sample of the skin or the skin alteration which is then examined in detail to help pinpoint the condition. Occasionally it may be necessary to surgically remove larger areas of the skin. As a result of our training over many years at leading centres of dermatosurgery, we are able to offer optimal cosmetic results, be it through simple excisions, flap plastics or skin transplants. We would be pleased to discuss any procedure with you in detail to allay any concerns or worries with regard to out-patient surgery.