acne / rosacea

Acne is the most common skin disorder worldwide. 70 – 95 % of all juveniles show acne-like skin changes between the ages 15 to 18, with the face and the area between the shoulder blades particularly affected. In the majority of cases acne recedes spontaneously after puberty, with a significant amount leaving considerable scars. In some cases individuals are affected beyond the age of 25. The reasons for this are an increased sebum production (seborrhoe) and a keratinisation disorder in the exit of the sebaceous gland follicle. As a result comedones form, which, if infected, can result in papules, pustules and nodules. Further causes are bacterial overcolonisation of the skin, hormones, smoking and stress. We are able to offer you a tailor-made treatment plan based on years of experience as well as many treatment options, including those offered by our affiliated cosmetic studio. Additionally, we have specialised in the treatment of acne scars through a variety of procedures such as microderm abrasion, derma needling, peeling and fractional laser therapy.