high-focused ultrasound

A new way to treat excessive sweating is the injection of highly diluted Botulinum toxin. The substance is injected in the affected areas of the skin at short distances and works by blocking certain receptors, which restricts the transmission of signals to the nerves of the sweat glands. This leads to reduced sweating. This form of hyperhidrosis therapy is also referred to as “chemical denervation” and suppresses excessive sweating for about 6 to 9 months. This is how long it takes the body to break down and remove the protein molecule Botulinum toxin. The hyperhidrosis treatment with Botulinum toxin is not only suitable for axillary hyperhidrosis, ie. excessive sweating under the armpits, it also can be used for excessive sweating on palms and soles or the forehead. The use of Botulinum toxin is a significantly gentler hyperhidrosis treatment than the surgical removal of the sweat glands.

Another brand new treatment option is the application of high focused ultrasound (Ulthera®). The high focused ultrasound injures and so destroys the sweat glands. Our current experience shows that this treatment has to be repeated 3-4 times. Feel free to ask us about this treatment option.