scar and acne scar treatment

A dermatological treatment of scars can effectively improve the appearance of the skin and permanently remove various types of scars, such as those resulting from operations or acne.

Laser treatment of scars has proven to be particularly effective. Dr Greiner and her colleagues use the latest generation of fractional laser equipment, such as eCo2 and infrared mosaic lasers. These allow an individual and absolutely gentle scar treatment, which is adapted to the relevant skin type as well as the type and nature of the scar.

Mosaic and eCo2 lasers use micro fractional technology to support a natural skin resurfacing. As a result of the minuscule laser beams regular micro necrosis cylinders are formed within the skin up to a depth of 1mm. These micro traumata and the thermal effect in the deeper layers of the skin stimulate collagen growth. The final outcome of the treatment can take up to six months to evolve.

During each treatment session approximately 10 to 20 % of the surface of the skin is exposed to the laser beam. Owing to its targeted application the tissue surrounding the treatment area is untouched and thus supports a significantly faster regeneration process of the skin.

Treatment Information:

Preparation: Application of an anesthetising cream ca 1 – 1.5 hours prior to the treatment

Side Effects: Minimal heat development in the skin, tingling or stinging sensation, redness of the skin for a few days after the treatment

Aftercare: Sun bathing and visits to the tanning studio should be avoided prior to and for six weeks after the laser therapy

Vorbereitung: bei multiplen Läsionen eine Anästhesiecreme ca. 1-1 ˝ Stunden vor der Behandlung; bei einzelnen Läsionen eine lokale Betäubung mit der Spritze
Nachsorge: Sonnenschutzcreme mit LSF 50. Direkte Sonnenbestrahlung vor und bis zu 6 Wochen nach Behandlung sowie hautdurchblutungsfördernde Maßnahmen wie Saunabesuche, Marathonläufe oder Gesichtsmassagen sollten gemieden werden.