tattoos and permanent make-up removal

Tattoos and permanent make-up removal

RevLite SI™ - the new and revolutionary Nd:Yag laser for the treatment of tattoos and pigment disorders

MediCorium uses Cynosure’s Q-Switched Laser, which belongs to the new generation of lasers with a unique nanosecond pulse configuration, so-called PhotoAcoustic Technology™ (PTP). These very short impulses generate a high energy density for the treatment of multi-coloured tattoos (including red colour) and permanent make-up, as well as epidermal and dermal pigmentation.

As a result of the different wave lengths the RevLite is able to safely and effectively treat a range of pigmented lesions such as age spots and pigment disorders in all skin types with minimal side effects.

Cynosure is the market leader for medical and aesthetic laser and flashbulb systems.

At MediCorium in Oberursel near Frankfurt this laser equipment is used for the removal of unwanted tattoos and permanent make-up, as it allows for the targeted destruction of the colour pigments which have been encapsulated in the skin during the tattooing process. As a result of the integrated quality switch (Q-Switch) every light impulse released is of a high intensity and short duration, making the treatment gentle on the skin. Only the unwanted colour pigments absorb the laser light while sparing the tissue around the tattoo.

Treatment information:

Preparation: A local anaesthetic is usually not required, possibly an anaesthetic cream approximately 1 – 1.5 hours prior to the treatment, for sensible patients local anaesthesia by injection can be given

Side Effects: Minimal heat development in the skin, tingling or stinging sensation, temporary redness of the skin for a few days

Aftercare: Sun bathing and visits to the tanning studio should be avoided prior to and for six weeks after the laser therapy

Vorbereitung: eine Betäubung ist in aller Regel nicht nötig, ggf. eine Anästhesiecreme ca. 1-1 ˝ Stunden vor der Behandlung
Nebenwirkungen: leichte Hitzeentwicklung der Haut, Prickeln, Stechen, nach der Behandlung Rötungen für einige Tage
Nachsorge: Meiden von Sonnenbaden und Solariumsbesuche vor und bis zu 6 Wochen nach der Laser-Therapie