Photorejuvenation by means of an IPL flash lamp is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment that combats numerous signs of aging in a single treatment step, including:

• Light damage

• Pigment spots such as age spots

• Coarse-pored, sagging skin

• Fine wrinkles

In the case of IPL treatment, the skin is irradiated with pulsed light which acts in its entire spectrum of light. Mainly in the uppermost layer of the skin, the IPL irradiation results in a heat development, which stimulates the metabolism of the cells and activates the collagen reformation.
The result of repeated IPL treatment is a tighter skin with upholstered wrinkles and reduced pores. Pigment spots such as age spots are paler by the IPL irradiation. The whole skin image is fresh and healthy through this skin rejuvenation.
In the doctor's office in MediCorium in Oberursel / Frankfurt, Dr. Greiner and colleagues are working on the Max G handpiece of the Icon ™ aesthetic system from Cynosure for IPL treatment.

Vorbereitung: eine Betäubung ist in aller Regel nicht nötig
Nebenwirkungen: leichte Hitzeentwicklung der Haut, Prickeln, Stechen, nach der Behandlung vorrübergehende Rötungen
Nachsorge: Sonnenschutzcreme mit LSF 50. Meiden von Sonnenbaden und Solariumsbesuche vor und bis zu 6 Wochen nach der Laser-Therapie