Lasermedicine is an integral part of the therapy in the area of ​​aesthetic as well as medical dermatology and finds its daily use there because of various indications.

A prerequisite for this is an expert examination of the skin, a competent consultation regarding the correct choice of the laser and a detailed explanation about the treatment, risks and also therapy alternatives.

Through her training at the Center for Dermatology of the Goethe University in Frankfurt under Prof. R. Kaufmann, Dr. Dr. Greiner was very early on the subject of laser therapies. Thus, you can already look back on more than 15 years of experience with different laser systems and train your doctors and their medical staff in the correct use and handling of the laser devices.

In the Medicorium only the latest laser systems are used and the offered therapy forms are always at the most modern state of medicine. The practice has 10 different laser systems, so we can offer you a tailor-made treatment concept.