warts / Fibroma


Brown warts and fibroma are benign changes of the skin which occur more frequently as one gets older. Although harmless they are visually troubling. At MediCorium we remove such unwanted skin changes with an Erbium: YAG laser as an option to the more classical way like shaving

The ER:YAG laser targets water both within and outside of the skin cells. As a result of its physical characteristics the laser uses the principle of so-called “cold” and almost painless tissue ablation (removal). The ER:YAG laser enables a precise and safe removal of the troublesome tissue without damaging the adjoining areas of the skin.

At MediCorium an Asclepion MCL 30 Dermablate is used for the treatment of senile warts (seborrhoic keratosis), age spots, warts (verrucae), stalked warts (fibroma), oil seeds (milia), epidermal nevi and other unwanted skin changes. Photo damage (actinic keratosis) is often treated in combination with other therapies (photo dynamic therapy, trichloroacetic acid, topical cream treatments). We would be pleased to advise you on the best treatment adapted to your individual requirements.

Treatment information

Preparation: Application of an anaesthetic cream ca 1 – 1.5 hours prior to the treatment for multiple lesions, local anaesthetic injection for single lesions

Aftercare: Application of sun tan lotion with SPF50. Direct sun light before and up to six weeks after the treatment should be avoided, as should anything that stimulates the blood flow through the skin, such as sauna visits, running marathons or facial massages.