age spots and pigmented lesions

Age spots / pigmented spots

At MediCorium the Max G hand piece of Cynosure’s Icon™ aesthetic system is used for the treatment of pigment disorders. This is a powerful IPL beamer. An IPL treatment is similar to a laser treatment: With a hand piece intensive pulsed light (IPL) is applied to the treatment areas. The light impulses penetrate the skin a few millimetres deep and warm up the colour pigments, which subsequently disintegrate and are disposed of through the body’s lymphatic system. As such, in a few sessions an IPL treatment can brighten up the treated areas of the skin effectively and without any downtime.

A further and even more effective treatment is RevLite SI™, the new and revolutionary Nd:Yag laser treatment.

MediCorium uses Cynosure’s Q-Switched Laser, which belongs to the new generation of lasers with a unique nanosecond pulse configuration, so-called PhotoAcoustic Technology™ (PTP). These very short impulses generate a high energy density for the treatment of multi-coloured tattoos (including red colour) and permanent make-up, as well as epidermal and dermal pigmentation.

As a result of the different wave lengths the RevLite is able to safely and effectively treat a range of pigmented lesions such as age spots and pigment disorders in all skin types with minimal side effects.

Treatment information for both:

Preparation: A local anaesthetic is usually not required

Side Effects: Minimal heat development in the skin, tingling or stinging sensation, temporary redness of the skin

Aftercare: Sun protection with SPF50. Sun bathing and visits to the tanning studio should be avoided prior to and for six weeks after the laser therapy