nail fungus

MediCorium is equipped with state-of-the-art laser equipment, including a FOX laser from ARC Laser for the treatment of nail fungus. As such, a range of treatments for fungal diseases can be offered, which include medical pedicures in the attached cosmetic studio.

Thanks to its specific wave length of 1064 nm, the Fox Laser penetrates deeply and gently destroys unwanted fungal colonies in the nail bed and plate. Approximately four to six treatments spaced at four to six week intervals are necessary, depending on the level of infection in the nail and the nail’s growth rate.

Preparation: No anaesthetic required. The surface of the nail is filed down in preparation for the laser therapy

Treatment: The laser beam is slowly moved over the nails to be treated. The treatment lasts between one and two minutes per nail.

Side Effects: Heat development in the treated nail, no damage to the surrounding skin

Aftercare: The usual nail fungus therapy, although oral medication can often be dispensed with during a nail fungus laser treatment

Vorbereitung: keine Anästhesie notwendig, Abschleifen des Nagels vor der Laser-Therapie
Durchführung: der Laserstrahl wird langsam über die zu behandelnde Nägel geführt. Es dauert zwischen eine und zwei Minuten pro Nagel.
Nebenwirkungen: Hitzeentwicklung der behandelten Nagel, keine Schädigung angrenzender Haut
Nachsorge: gewohnte lokale Nagelpilzbehandlung. Durch Nagelpilzlaser kann oftmals auf eine Tabletteneinnahme verzichtet werden.