intense pulse light

Intense pulse light (IPL)

At MediCorium, intense pulse light treatment (IPL) is carried out using the Max G hand piece of Cynoshure’s Icon™ aesthetic system.

This powerful IPL flashbulb is used for a range of treatments, such as the removal of vascular dilatations (telangiectasis) eg. rosacea, couperose and spider veins, as well as pigmentation disorders like age and pigmented spots and for skin rejuvenation.

An IPL treatment is similar to that with a laser: intensive pulsed light (IPL) is applied to the treatment area with a cooled hand piece. The light impulses penetrate a few millimetres into the skin and heat up target structures such as haemoglobin or melanin, which subsequently disintegrate and are removed by the body’s own lymphatic system or in the case of pigmentary changes just peel of. This treatment does not effect the epidermal structure of the skin and so leaves no crust or open wound. Veins disappear and pigmented spots exfoliate after a few days. For optimum tolerance the system has an integrated cooling system.

Preparation: It is generally not necessary to anaesthetise the treatment area

Side Effects: Minimal heat development in the skin, tingling or stinging sensation, temporary redness of the skin

Aftercare: Sun tan lotion with SPF50. Direct sun light before and up to six weeks after the treatment should be avoided, as should anything that stimulates the blood flow through the skin, such as sauna visits, running marathons or facial massages.