Pellevé is one of the latest methods for skin rejuvenation and the gentle smoothing of lines. It uses a special high-frequency radio frequency system and is used for the treatment of the initial loosening of the skin, as well as minor and deeper lines. The treatment was initially known as Radiage Wrinkle Treatment, before the trademark „PellevéTM" (Pellevé) was established in 2009.

During the Pellevé treatment the deeper layers of the skin are exposed to radio frequency, which results in the warming of the area where the skin and fat layer meet. This stimulates the collagen bundles into new collagen growth which causes a wrinkle reduction and the plumping up of the skin from the inside in a natural way.

Immediately after the treatment minor redness of the treated skin areas can occur, however this disappears again after several days. This method is suitable as an alternative to the traditional methods of skin rejuvenation as well as a complementary treatment to wrinkle injections. Depending on the desired results it is recommended to have two or three treatments at four-week intervals.

Single treatment for face, neck or décolletage: EUR 120,00

All three areas combined in one treatment: EUR 300,00

Recommended course of six treatments: EUR 600,00 (per region)