Peelings smoothen and improve facial skin by removing layers of the skin. Depending on the depth and intensity of the peelings, they either work on the superficial epidermal skin or the deeper layers, which leads to the growth of collagen.

The cosmetic studio at MediCorium offers professional facial peelings with various focus areas:

Pigment Balancing Peel by SkinCeuticals:

SkinCeutical’s Pigment Balancing Peel offers a professional peeling treatment for the improvement of pigment spots. It combines intensively brightening and highly concentrated active ingredients such as pure vitamin C and amla (Embica officinalis) with a fruit acid solution. The peeling accelerates cell renewal and alleviates local or wide-spread pigment changes. This gives the skin an even and fresh complexion. For optimal results a treatment course of four to six sessions is recommended.

Single treatment: 80,-- EURO

Recommended treatment course of six sessions: 400,-- EURO

Skin Rejuvenation System by Neostrata:

Neostrata’s Skin Rejuvenation System offers a highly concentrated fruit acid peeling to improve the skin’s complexion and minimise pore size. It renders the skin firmer and smoother, with a radiant and natural appearance.

Single treatment: 60,-- EURO

Singe treatment for pupils: 30,-- EURO

Recommended treatment course of six sessions: 300,-- EURO

Salicylic Acid Peeling:

A peeling with salicylic acid is a highly effective treatment to improve large-pored, keratotic and hyperkeratotic areas of the skin on the face, upper arms, back, thighs and feet.

Single treatment: from 60,-- EURO

Recommended treatment course of six sessions: 300,-- EURO

Peelings zur Hautbildverbesserung