A microneedling treatment uses a so-called microperforator (dermapen) with electrically powered small needles. Microneedling creates minute punctures in the skin, which stimulate cell renewal and collagen growth. Contrary to customary needle rollers the microperforator works much more effectively, applying an even pressure and a fixed puncture depth.

The body’s own collagen boosters the skin naturally and hence microneedling is ideally suited as an effective skin rejuvenation treatment and for treating superficial lines and deep scars.

Further uses for microneedling include:Sun-damaged skin

Generally weak complexion (eg. large pores, greasy skin)

Stretch marks eg. following pregnancyThe skin perforation enables an easier absorption of topically applied active ingredients. For this reason a microneedling treatment is ideally followed by a cosmetic aftercare with anti-aging products such as hyaluronic acid and vitalising creams.

The dermapen has attachments with needles of varying lengths. Microneedling with short needles (0.2 mm to 0.5 mm) normally does not require an anaesthetic. For treatments with longer needles an anaesthetic cream is applied onto the treatment area to ensure that the session is as pain free as possible.

Microneedling is suitable for all skin types. As the treatment is minimally invasive, it can be repeated any number of times to deliver a sustainable improvement of the skin’s complexion.

While initial results of the treatment are visible on the surface of the skin within a short period of time, the ultimate outcome of microneedling is even visible a few months after the treatment, owing to the time it takes for the collagen in the deeper layers of the skin to grow.

Single treatment microneedling: from 150,00 EURO

Recommended treatment course of six sessions: 750,00 EURO