hydra facial

Now available in the cosmetic studio at MediCorium:

Medicorium stands for the combination of medical treatments with aesthetic treatments. For the improvement of skin texture and skin quality it is of importance to address the different layers of the skin. In our cosmetic studio at MediCorium we offer different packages for rejuventation of the skin, texture improvement , pore size reduction or just for the fresh glow.

A choice of our treatment modalities and options are mentioned below. Please don’t hesitate to ask for special offers at the consulation.

Rich Rejuvenation Booster – for silky smooth and firm skin!
3 x Hydrafacial
3 x Pellevé
3 x Microneedling

Package price EUR1.200,00

Skin texture improvement- fight the enlarged pores
3 x Hydrafacial
3 x Microneedling in comination with alpha hydroxyl acid peeling

Package price Euro 990,00

The treatments are applied at fortnightly intervals. If you are interested in individual facial treatments from our highly effective range, please refer to the links to the left under „Our Facial Treatments“.

Acne treatment
Kleresca ® – the most innovative treatment – a photodynamic treatment for acute severe acne with response rates of over 80%

2 times per week for 6 weeks (12 treatments total)
costs per treatment 120,00 Euros

Package price Euro 1200,00

As our cosmetic studio is directly attached to the medical dermatology practice, we are able to offer you not only purely cosmetic treatments, but also medical aesthetic ones. These include improving lines and wrinkles with botox or hyaluronic acid, or the multimodal approach to scar treatment using our range of lasers, and guarantee the best results. You can find these treatments on the left hand side under the heading „Our Medical Aesthetic & Laser Treatments“.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on +49 (0) 6171 / 91 95 9 – 15 to arrange your consultation.