medical pedicure

The cosmetic studio at MediCorium offers medical pedicures, which are carried out by our qualified pedicurists. Owing to the close cooperation with the medical dermatology practice it is possible to treat complex problems and problematic feet.

The pedicures are carried out in a very hygienic environment. We are specialised in the following areas:Treatment of nail fungus with the Fox ®Laser

Treatment of ingrown nailsTreatment of nail growth disorders, also with the support of the Fox ®Laser

Treatment of cracked and pronounced exfoliative soles of the feet and heel with peelings

Treatment of corns, also through the cushioning from underneath with hyaluronic acid

Our special highlight: Gel nails following nail fungus and for nail growth disorders or problem nails

Our pedicurists are specially trained to treat chronic wounds and “diabetic feet”.