volumization / liquid lift

The aging process of the face is characterised by a number of factors: During the course of life muscles lose their tone, ligaments loosen and fat pads move. The face also suffers a bone loss of about 20 %, which is particularly noticeable around the eye sockets and the chin.

An improved scientific and anatomic understanding of these processes has led to a new era of facial treatment. Today it is possible to give the face stability through targeted injections of hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin. This delays the aging process and gives the face a new fresh look – the facelift without surgery!
The long chains of sugar molecules in hyaluronic acid can absorb a significant amount of water. Hyaluronic acid therefore contributes significantly to the stabilisation of the skin and the prevention of loss of volume. As such, it is ideally suited for an anti-aging treatment aimed at volume increase and the reduction of lines. The skin is visibly more elastic and enjoys an improved structure.

The reabsorbing substances used for the volume treatment with hyaluronic fillers are well tolerated and broken down naturally by the body.

Different hyaluronic fillers for contouring and reduction of lines

MediCorium in Oberursel near Frankfurt uses, among others, Allergan’s latest generation of the Juvéderm product range: The innovative Vycross technology of the Juvédermâ range, which interlinks many short chained hyaluronic molecules very compactly, results in a particularly lasting and natural look. Recommended preparations vary according to the type and location of the lines and the sagging of the skin:

Hollow cheeks or loss of volume over other large areas are treated with Juvéderm Volumaâ. This is a smooth gel containing hyaluronic acid, which is easy to inject.

The gel is a so-called dermal filler which significantly lifts the areas under which it is injected, resulting in a distinct tightening and plumping of the sunken areas. At the same time the Volumaâ gel provides a softer, natural looking facial contour.

For the extensive treatment of lines of medium depth Juvéderm’s Voliftâ gel is particularly suitable owing to the balanced effect of lift and suppleness. Its range of applications includes the laugh lines or the so-called marionette lines, which occur around the chin.

During a personal consultation with Dr Greiner or one of her colleagues at the dermatological practice MediCorium near Frankfurt you can find out which method of line reduction would be most suitable for you.