skin rejuventation

The aging of the skin is a biological process that can not be stopped. Nevertheless, dermatological and cosmetic treatments allow for an optical skin rejuvenation, which improves the skin image noticeably. The aim of the skin rejuvenation cures is usually the reduction of superficial wrinkles, an increase in the water storage capacity of the skin as well as a reduction of the skin pores. Skin lesions such as light damage or age spots are also undesirable signs of aging, which can be alleviated by our treatments for skin rejuvenation. With these procedures we bring your skin back to life - rays.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments med. Greiner and colleagues as well as the affiliated cosmetic studio, include modern therapy forms such as:

• Mesotherapy • Microneedling
• Hydration treatments (moisturizing treatments)
• Pellevé treatment (radio frequency)
• IPL treatment (photorejuvenation)
• Fractured laser therapy (skin resurfacing)
Microdermabrasion, e.g. Wet dermabrasion or diamond dermabrasion using HydraFacial
• Peels